Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hey hey hey! It is that time again for BBMVP link up. Let me know what you think of the houseguest...who is going home..who will the BBMVP nom.etc etc. So link up with +Kelsey Homolka and I to let us know what you think! 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

Please..someone..how did this happen? The witch is the HOH again. She seems to be nice right now but who knows how long this will last. She is playing by Helens rules and is being a puppet since she was spared by the vote last week. I still do not like her.
Howard-Nom 1
Howard is up only because of Amanda. She thinks/along with a few others that he is such a big threat. I think that he is a threat but he really is not as a big threat as Helen/Amanda and Mcrae. He is a wasted nomination in my eyes.
Spencer-Nom 2
Spencer is another cast mate that made some rude comments earlier on but has since stopped. He thinks he is smarter than he really is and is nominated due to being friends with Howard.
She is playing super hard and is a great player. I think she will be sent to Jury and will not win though due to playing the game so hard. She needs to slack up some.
I think Judd wasted his HOH a little bit by not getting rid of Aaryn and sending Kaitlyn out the door. He is starting a showmance with Jesse though. Atleast someone went for her finally.
Someone..send her home. She is playing like her sister and I am over her ass! Enough sad. She may be the MVP nom for the week.

Amanda-MVP VOTE?
I really hope America votes Amanda as the MVP vote. I am over her bullying the other house guest. She thinks she is amazing and knows everything. She really is making a huge target for her self. IF she is put up..I see her going over the other players.  She is even putting a target on Mcrae who came in with a good game plan.


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  1. well i havent really been watching it much anymore. it's the same thing over and over again. drama. drama. and a big disappointment.

    they wont do what they need to do and well they lie and do all kinds of things.


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