Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hey hey hey! It is that time again for BBMVP link up. Let me know what you think of the houseguest...who is going home..who will the BBMVP nom.etc etc. So link up with +Kelsey Homolka and I to let us know what you think! 

This week here are my lovely predictions: 

 I am thrilled Judd is HOH. It seems he is doing his own thing and not letting Amanda bullying his noms. He is a country boy and actually seems to know the game fairly well. I think he also has a thing for Jesse.

Aaryn-Nom 1
Once again the witch is on the block. Just send her home already. What more do they have to do to get her out of there. I want her to see she has been fired and that people hate her.

Kaitlin-Nom 2
Her boy toy went home and was put on the block. Karma...she gets you. I think either way..I am fine with either nom going home.

Helen is a great player and was a great HOH. She deserves MVP next time is comes around over Elissa.

I am over the Elissa game. She is just annoying at this point and I think the rest of the house needs a fair chance to win.

Gina Marie-MVP to be booted off?
America is in control of the house MVP vote this week. I hope they vote Gina Maries since we can't put Aaryn or Katelyn. I am over this trainwreck crying everywhere and acting a fool. Also..can someone please send a speech therapist in the house for her?

Amanda would also be a good choice to go. She has been bullying people as to who to vote for and nominate. She also runs around half naked all day long and is kinda crazy. I mean come on chick...chill out. You are playing the game a little to hard. I also do not understand why a realtor like her is with pizza boy. Just saying!


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  1. I'm not even sure what to say about BB now. Because well half of moving company is gone. Spencer should be next. He's backstabbing folks left and right.

  2. I Helen deserves the next MVP too! love your following you via GFC

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  3. girl I hate only me and you did this link up. I love these link ups and teh Bachelorette ones which I havent seen yet

  4. I love BB and cannot believe Aaryn got HOH. BOOOOO to that.


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