Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BB MVP Link Up

Hey yall! This is the first time ever for yall to link up with my girl +Kelsey Homolka  and myself. So far..I am loving the show. It is by far amazing and the drama is surely going to happen this season with all these trashy gals and guys. 

The hardest part of this for me is not reading the Big Brother boards and chats. They are filled with spoilers so I can not read them and see what is going on..it kinda ruins this. 

So far....McCrae is the HOH. I did not see that coming at all. That little pizza boy came out of no where and BAM there he was. We know he put up Candace and Jessie for nominations from the last episode. We still do not know who the MVP or who they are gonna put up for nomination. There is also the VETO competition and someone can completely change everything. The biggest thing that can change this is when everyone finds out that Elissa is Rachel's sister. Most people will start to gun for her. She will likely be the MVP as all of Rachel's followers will vote for her. I have no idea who she may put up but if I was her, I would put a male up. I would get rid of some of the stronger competition. Howard or Jeremy would be my guess. If they are smart..they could get out a stronger player this week but from the noms, they should vote out Jessie...shes just play out annoying and only wants a damn shomance! BLAH on that shiz! 

I was not impressed with some of the players in the have not competition. A lot of the athletic people did not do well. Judd...big ole flopp. Looked like he was drowning...Howard...those arms just weighed him down. I do feel bad for the house guest in the have not room. Have you seen that thing? 

Now to wait for everything to play out.

1. Follow the Hosts: Keeping Up With Kelsey & Rachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'

2. Grab the button from above and put it on your post about this weeks events.
3. Write a little snippet on Tuesday's about your guess' for Wednesday's evictions and who the new MVP will be for the following week.
4. Come back to link-up your guess' and read what others think!

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Now, do not forget, every week that you link up, the person that does this most, will win a sweet prize! 

Next off ....the Big Brother Blog MVP....they have a MVP in the game so we have one here as well! We are giving away a huge prize at the end of the season...see above..and all you have to do is link up...no raffle-copter here folks. Kelsey and myself have donated items and the person that links up the most times wins the grand prize..but you must watch the show..no cheating..we can tell.

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  1. I really wish I had something to add to this conversation, but I've never seen the show =( Lol

  2. I wish I had the willpower to stay away from show spoilers, but I've been a loyal live feed follower for years & don't think I could quit! It's like a whole different show on the live feeds!

  3. Ahhh I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet but I now know Candace and Jessie are nominated.
    I think MVP will be Kaitlyn.
    Eviction: Elissa (backdoored).
    POV: Candice.


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