Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Things I am Loving!

I have not done a 5 things I am loving in a long time so I thought I was due. it goes.


The It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Lite. The stuff is amazing. I used to use the regular It's a 10 but with having thin hair the salon suggested I switch to the lite. It really does make a difference on my hair. I can tell when I do not use it and since I flat iron my hair every day it helps keep it healthy.


Now..I know this is the Chi flat Iron. I do not own the actual Chi..I own the one that Sally's Beauty Supply sells. My husband broke mine so we went there and I bought this one. They said it was the Chi/just like it. Hey it works and was half the price. I love it and my hair is great.

3. Vacation is in about a week. I will be road tripping my butt on up to Maine in a car for 14 hours with my husband and 2 dogs. Dancing and complete chaos will happen. I hope my husband is prepared!

4. The store got a new logo. Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide designed it for me and I LOVE IT. She is doing a variety of blog designs now as well and is not very pricey! You should check her out!! 

5. I have new clothes coming in tomorrow! Check for a post on them. If you are not signed up yet, go to the site and sign up for the newsletter. I send out e-mails whenever I get new clothes in!! I also send out coupons in them as well specials on for subscribers! 


  1. Love your new logo for the shop! Very cute with the gold! I still haven't tried the It's a 10 stuff, I need to get my rear in gear. I hear nothing but great things about it!

  2. haha thanks for that gif. i watched that movie this weekend and looooved it :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out!!! I love that movie!!!

  4. ooh Maine, I have always wanted to visit there! And Cute logo! :)

  5. 1. Did you switch back to your old blog design?! Or Am I imagining things
    2. Yay! I didn't think you were going to Maine after all, but I'm glad you are now!
    3. Have tons of fun! I've never been but really wanna go!

  6. Have so much fun! I love dancing in the car!! And LOVE The new logo!!

  7. hope you have fun. Yea I love its a 10 and I'm out sadly. and that stuff isnt cheap. Hey there. Would love for you to come join my blog hop!

  8. That gif is too funny!! That's me in the car too! Maine!! Ahhh! I'm jealous. Love Maine. I'm there every year at least twice! Have fuuun!! =D

  9. I guess I need to jump on the 'It's a 10' bandwagon...hmm...

    Also, have a BLAST on vacation...and a little more for me since I won't be getting one ;). Although, I know that you'll have a blast know what I mean! *brain not functioning today (it's a problem)*


  10. Ok, I think I need to switch to It's a 10 Lite too. I didn't even know they made that! And I have that same flat iron. For half the price, it's pretty great!!


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