Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things I am Looking Forward To!

This summer I have a bunch of things I am looking forward to. I have a ton of things planned and I am just ready to hit the ground running! 

1. Maine! I am so ready for August and vacation to get here!

2. In Maine I hopefully will get to see +Erin Lefebvre who runs She's A Big Star. She lives in Maine so I am hoping we can schedule a blate.

3. I have my first ever blate set up with +Beth Rowland from Arrow In The Eye next month! Watch out Fredericksburg! You have no idea what is coming!

4. My store, Country Couture, is taking off and I am so excited to see where it goes!

5. Losing weight! I am down a few pounds and I hoping to keep shedding them. I have cut out pasta and bread so lets keep that going. (I do cheat sometimes but hey who doesn't?)

6. Myself and +Kelsey Homolka from Keeping Up with Kesley have started a new link up on Tuesdays with Big Brother! I love that show and even tried out this past year! Make sure you link up and pick who you think is gonna get booted off, is the MVP and whatever else you want! We even have prizes!

7. My blog is starting to grow and I am hoping to grow more with it! It has really changed over the past few months and I love the way it is going. I am hoping that one day I can go to a blogger conference..lets see..maybe next year!!

Ok..enough for now! I am doing rambling on about things that are going on/gonna happen/making me happy. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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  1. Yay Fredericksburg, that's where I live. :) Hope you guys have fun!!!! xo

  2. Having things to look forward to is the best! Sounds like you have lots of fun on the horizon!!

  3. oh man, I would love to go tho maine that is a gorgeous place!


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