Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Bacherlorette: Bachelor Pick of the Week

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I am really starting to like this show and really got into when I got into blogging. This season is going to be a lot drama. You put that much testosterone in one house and you know it is bound to blow up. 

My pick this week for Desiree: Ben

Age: 28
 Lubbock, TX
Shoe Size:
Yes, left side of the rib cage
Three All-Time Favorite Movies:
 Tommy Boy, Avatar, Transformers
Favorite Magazine: 
Men's Fitness
Prefer to dress up or stay casual: I enjoy both but love to dress nice

I know that they are playing him sort of as the bad guy now but he is super cute, dressed as a cowboy, and he played the kid card. He is to darn cute for me! He got the first kiss and first rose as well. Points there buddy! I feel like he is hiding something though but hey who isn't?

Who did you pick?

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  1. omg love this idea!! what is his name??

  2. Holy crap!! I didn't realize his hometown was Lubbock!! That's where I live. :) I really like him and his story... I just hope he doesn't turn too cuckoo!

  3. Rachel, I told myself I wasn't going to watch this season because it seems boring...but now you're gonna go and suck me back in?!? What the heck?! Hahaha! Is it worth me tuning in?! Is it gonna be juicy?! Haha!

  4. I don't understand why all the guys don't like him... I feel like I missed something but I guess stuff happened off-camera? So weird. We'll have to see how that plays out!


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