Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PLL and Dress Fun

So where do we begin today? First...I have a sinus infection. My left side of my face is killing me and my ears hurt among other things. Go me! Let's pray the doctor will give me some meds without having to see this bundle of sassy. awesome does the Zigzag dress look on me? 

I am normally a XL and I am 38DD chest. This dress was very comfy! I suggest any girl with a large chest get flatters very well! Do not forget that you can use promo code JuneOpening13 still! CountryCouture  If there is ever anything in the store that you want but are not sure of due to sizing..let me know..I will try it you and let you decide! If I am the close to your size..I will get a friend who is!

Also who else watched Pretty Little Liars last night and was super creeped out and still wants to know who the heck red coat is??? I mean is it Ali or not? Stop teasing us. Also..the charred mask at the end....really..creepy. I watch the show on ABC Family and get very creeped out and then have to go to bed. Does anyone else check the shower and stuff to make sure A isn't hiding in there?

In other news I have yet to get a key to the Big Brother house so I take it I am not getting in. BOO ON YOU BIG BROTHER..BOO ON YOU. I will be watching though. I love this show and me and my girl Kesley have something up our sleeve for the blog so stay tuned for that!

Have a great Hump Day!

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  1. Love that dress! I was so creeped out by the end of PLL, too.. and when Ali's mom was standing in the window. That totally gave me the heebyjeebies!

  2. Love love love that dress! Look's like I'll be placing an order on pay day. :)

  3. Yay for us! Go team bb losers! LoL but how fun would it be to try out together next time?! And be blog buddy big brother buds!?!?! <--- kinda long but hey, it might get us on the show!

  4. Awh shucks wish you would have gotten a key for the BB house! Darn!
    & PLLLLLL OMG! I was BEYOND excited for it to come back on and then they didn't even show previews for next week? WTF.

  5. PLL was awesome!!! That whole Ezra/police sequence had me freaking out at first, lol.

    And cute dress, you look great, lady! :)


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