Friday, June 7, 2013

One Drinkie Drinkie

Venus Trapped in Mars

The amazing Lisette at Northern Belle Diaries nominated me for this FABULOUS new award. Do you know Lisette? This girl is flipping amazing. She drinks wine like no ones business, can design a blog better than anyone hired at Google, hey I am just saying, and has some of the best giveaways. No really she does. She has given away stuff that really contributes to this award as Vino-2-Go cups. The sippy cup for adults. 

Now this award really hits home for me. Me and booze...we are friends. I am not sure how bad/good of friends but hey we are friends. 

Here are the rules:

1. Acknowledge who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions below 
3. Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers
4. Do not change the questions.
5. Don't nominate the blog that nominated you. That's it.


What is your favorite drinking game and why? 

In Maine at this bar in Belfast called Rollies, they have this game that they give you this controller thing and you play against other people in the bar. You see questions on a tv screen. Thats really the only drinking game I play besides beer pong!

It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening?

Honestly, I am so content at home with the husband but if we go out I am all for going for a nice drive in the mountains and taking a nice picnic dinner and bring the dogs!

Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar?

Lemon drop shots and rum and coke. I go full on white girl wasted. I have no self control. 

Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive?

Alcoholism Screening Quiz: You answered 6 items out of 20 Yes.
Your score is 30%. According to the Office of Health Care Programs, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, developers of this screening quiz, if you answered 3 of these questions with a Yes it is a definite sign that your drinking patterns are harmful and possibly considered alcohol dependent or alcoholic. You may want to seek an evaluation by a healthcare professional.
What is your favorite memory with alcohol?

The ones I remember...I vow to secrecy. 

What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to?

Currently Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line. This may change week to week. But my all time fave is Every Rose Has It's Thorn.

What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.)

I love dancing  and going out on the river. I also love going to parties up in the mountains around here. Nothing is better than that! 

In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why?

Well I work at UVA and we were named number one party school by Playboy so there is that. 

When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals? 

I tend to be really quiet. I won't say anything for a little bit. I then stare at people, creepy right. I may dance some. At some point I am going to get LOUD and horribly obnoxious and in your face. I tend to get on your nerves. Ex. I shoved a cheeseburger in my dad's face at the Richmond Nascar race.-too much to drink! Also...I drunk text/call people. Hide my phone from me. 

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  1. You are too flipping funny. Gosh I too am loving some Florida Georgia Line!! Thanks for the Nomination:)

  2. I love that remote controller game thing at the bar! If it's the one I'm thinking of it has one where there's trivia, which I'm obviously terrible at. Loving FL/GA line as well! :)

  3. hahaha love this!!! so honored to be nominated! thanks girl!

  4. Hahaha this is awesome! Love Get Your Shine On! And i've been to Rollies!! Sucha cool place!!

  5. Sweets, you're the greatest! I cannot wait to fill mine out :)

  6. Hahaha! This is hilarious! "White girl wasted," I'm gonna have to use that! Thanks for the nomination =) LOL!


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