Thursday, June 27, 2013

Odd Things About Me!

So today's post was gonna be all about Big Brother last night and how I am pumped about it and I loved the premier..etc etc. PUMP THE BRAKES. I got a message last night from a miss +Kelsey Homolka and I was told to not say a word as she had yet to watch it. So my lips are sealed until further notice. All I can say if they are missing out on since they do not have me in the house..bitches.

I decided today to post about things I do..some are things most girls/women probably don't/won't admit they do. I have no shame and I am very up front about everything I do. Others are just odd things.

1. I fart. Yep I said it. We all do it. I even do it in front of Chris (husband). Yes..he probably prefers I don't but if I didn't my head would explode. That is what I tell my self...and you all do it too! DO NOT LIE TO YOUR SELF.

2. I burp. Yep..see I am a real gem to be around. I do not go around doing these things 24/7 but when I gotta ..I gotta. 

3. I can't function without a shower..every day. If I do not get one..I am a big B.


4. I will not leave my house without makeup. Sorry. Not happening. See....I may burp and fart but I class it up some.

5. I do not watch any T.V. that is intelligent  Pretty Little Liars, Mob Wives, Big Brothers, Family Guy, American Dad...the list goes on and on. 

6. I refuse to wear the same thing twice without it being washed. Sorry..not doing that. It is gross..not even a sweater. I just can not do it. 

7. I do not eat onions, tomatoes  strawberries, blueberries..any berry for that matter. I am a texture kind of person. If you try to sneak any of this in my food..I will catch you no matter how small and it will be bad for you.


8. I used to love wearing sneakers but now you won't find them on me. It is rare....odd, I know. I have a ton of them but I do not like the way they make my feet feel. 

What odd things/gross things do you?

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  1. I watched Big Brother last night! Omg I forgot how much I really enjoyed it.

  2. I can't burp! I have done it maybe twice in my whole life. This makes it impossible for me to drink beer without having a huge stomach ache...apparently most people burp and it just makes more room for beer :)

  3. So I finally see why you lead me to read this post are too funny! I swear now everyone that follows my blog will now see that when I post about you being very straight forward, honest to the point, post what ever you want kinda girl.. that I was being serious! haha you are so dang in the world I would make it through blogging w/out you is beyond me!

  4. Dude, you're missing out on the berries. Berries are the But I suppose I know what you mean about the texture. Sometimes yogurt makes me gag because of it's texture...LOL

  5. I don't shower every day... Don't hate me.

  6. I always blame my dog on my farts.

  7. I cannot burp. I don't know what it is. Even if my stomach is full of beer and I'd probably feel better if I did, I can't do it. It's like I don't know how, like my body never learned. It's super weird.

  8. You're freakin hilarious! And yes, I already stated that I kept up and you're allowed to talk out loud about it now :)


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