Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Because

Today I am linking up with Just Because. I love both of these bloggers and these link up!! Also..I love the new button for this link up. Very cute!

This week has not been the greatest but the good part about this week is that my online store is officially open and I finally got some merchandise in and it online now. Go check it out at Country Couture. I am also planning a giveaway very soon! Be on the lookout for that. 

Also..I did not watch the country music awards show last night. Big time fail but I do want to thank god and Luke Bryan's parents for making him. I was listening to his CD on the way in to work and he is truly one of the most amazing looking men in the world. My dear Chelsee texted me last night and said if he was her man..he would never leave the house. I agree Chels..I agree!

Also...I came home last night and the husband had cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE and MADE BROWNIES. So boom my husband is better than all of yours. Well atleast he is to me. 

I have also purchased my tickets to the Richmond Sprint Race in September. I plan to sneak into Dale Jrs race please have plenty of bail money set aside for me. I may need it. If you have never been to a Nascar race, you are missing out. They are a complete blast. 

Enough for now..have a great Thursday!

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  1. Haha thanks for the shout out! Hey hey it is true that he is one sexy man and he would be too busy to leave the house lol ;) Congrats on the store...that is so flipping exciting!!! Wow your hubby got major brownie points with those brownies lol

  2. Your husband rocks :) Visiting from Just Because

  3. Chelsee sent me the link to your store, congrats!! The stuff so far is cute!!

  4. UMMM HOLD UP.. A HOT MAN AND HE CAN DANCE?? sign me up! Holy Crap that is hot!!! And I will be checking out your clothing store


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