Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Brother Season 15 Link Up!

My all time favorite show is about to come back on T.V. BIG BROTHER. This show is AMAZING. I have watched it since it first aired since I was in middle 6th grade. No lie. I even tried out this past season but as you can tell I was not casted since I am here in blog land and not in a totes amazing house with other crazy people trying to back stab each other already. I am not happy about this either..believe me. I WAS ROBBED I TELL YOU..ROBBED.

Now I never miss a episode and if I do.. DVR is right there for me. I do not read spoilers if I can help it and I will not go on the sites and see who was evicted due to my need to wanting to watch the if you have watched it and I have not..DO NOT TELL ME WHAT HAS HAPPENED..I WILL BUST YOUR KNEE CAPS OPEN! 

Now one of my best blog buds +Kelsey Homolka  over at Keeping Up With Kelsey has teamed up with me for the super awesome amazing link up. We are both nuts over this show and we should have been casted as a top secret alliance or something but CBS is being a turd. We have some fun things for the link up! 

First...the rules...! 


1. Follow the Hosts: Keeping Up With Kelsey & Rachel's Country Roots via GFC or Bloglovin'
2. Grab the button from above and put it on your post about this weeks events.
3. Write a little snippet on Tuesday's about your guess' for Wednesday's evictions and who the new MVP will be for the following week.
4. Come back to link-up your guess' and read what others think!

Grab button for NBD
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So basically....on Tuesdays link up about who you think is getting chucked out the door on Wednesday's live evictions and who will be the new MVP the next week. Remember..America votes on that one! The backstabbing is insane on this show so you never know what can happen! 

Now the fun part! 

First off, we're giving away FREE Ad Space to TWO people for linking up on the first week. Give us your feed back, who you like, who you voted for  in the MVP area, who you think should be evicted, what you think of the new casa. Give us the juice!

Next off ....the Big Brother Blog MVP....they have a MVP in the game so we have one here as well! We are giving away a huge prize at the end of the season...see above..and all you have to do is link raffle-copter here folks. Kelsey and myself have donated items and the person that links up the most times wins the grand prize..but you must watch the cheating..we can tell. 

Tune in tonight and get ready for the new link up series with myself and Kelsey! I will be live tweeting during the episodes sometimes so feel free to chat with me!!! 

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  1. don't hate me- I don't watch the show :(

  2. Has the show already started?? I need to get back into it this season!

  3. I'm a tad bit too excited for this....

  4. My favorite show too & I've watched since the beginning..although I wasn't 11 LOL


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