Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why My State Rocks!

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Hey Everyone! Today Chelsee and I are hosting a one time link up! This is my first ever link up! It is called Where I Come From! You basically post about where you come from. Either the state or town. What is is famous for, what do you do for fun there, why do you love/hate it! This lets other bloggers know more about you and what you love about your state/town.
The Rules:
1. Follow myself and Chelsee.
2. Post the link and link back to me.
3. Look at other peoples post to learn about other places!!!

Now I am from the lovely state of Virginia! I was born here...left for a brief stint to WV but I am back!

Now...some things that makes this place pretty freaking awesome!
Our colleges kinda rock!
2. Dave Matthews Band was formed here in good ole Charlottesville where I live. If you are ever here..visit Millers on the downtown mall..thats there old stomping ground.
3. Big and Rich/ the Big part..Big Kenny is from Culpeper and Parachute is from Charlottesville. BOOM. (enough celebs I know!)
4. We have a ton of wineries..even Donald Trump (I know I know) opened one here...we love to drink.
If anyone wants to come for a day of wine tasting..I CAN TAKE YOU HERE!
5. You can buy booze in gas stations and grocery stores here people. We like our booze..see a pattern?
6. Being near Charlottesville..we have a great concert venue right in our back yard. I get to see some amazing shows, Miranda, Dierks, Eric Church, Kip Moore and a ton of others.
7. We have amazing views year round. We have Skyline Drive. It is so pretty up there.
8. We are so dang historic...Williamsburg, Fredericksburg, Jamestown, Middleburg..and the battlefields go on for days.
9. Tysons Corner..look it up.  
10. We are very close (where I live) to DC..which is really nice to go to on a boring day.
11. The festivals...sheez. I swear we have one for everything...seriously. We have a ton of craft fairs and festivals.
12. Amusement parks like crazy. Virginia must have been boring at some point because they have put a ton of stuff here for us to do. We have Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. can have a little fun there. It isn't Disney but hey!
Things that are not so great:
1. Chris Brown..we tried kicking him out of the state but no one else wanted him.
2. Winter sucks here! It is either warm and no snow or a TON OF SNOW.
3. Deer. If you live where I live in VA...deer are insane and think that jumping in front of your car is a game...they sometimes stand in the road and just stare at you. Hunting here is more a requirement....sorry if you are a vegan.
4. Spring feels like it is only here for a month...and sometimes less than that.
That is my state in a nut shell. There is so much more but this is some of the heavy hitters!!! If you ever come visit..there are a ton of bloggers from here that can make a wine date.

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  1. This is such a cute linkup, glad you invited me to join you! Skyline Drive makes my heart jump, gosh just going to Tennessee is nerve racking for me..I am so afraid I am going to go off the side of a mountain. lol

  2. That's such a great link-up idea! I love VA, being from Maryland... growing up I didn't even know when we went into VA because we drove over the border so much. That reminds me, I've been wanting to make a trip over to Tysons to do some damage!

  3. I feel like a bad blog friend. :( I totally missed that you were doing this. I would have participated!!

  4. So I've always wanted to visit Virginia, cause I've always heard it's just GORGEOUS (and plus, there's you, now that we're bloggy friends), but your post makes me want to go even more!! I had no idea there was a wine industry there!...and I do love me some wine! I would have to agree about the winters though, I dunno if I could live in snow! I can't wait to get off work tonight and do a post for AZ! Love this idea!

  5. Great linkup idea! I've actually never been to Virginia beside driving through it but I'd love to visit. It sounds gorgeous and is so picturesque!

  6. great post! i love virginia..i lived in DC, so i feel a connection to VA of course! darling blog! XO
    the well-traveled wife

  7. Yay Virginia!!! I love Parachute too. :) Saw/met them at Tyson's 3 or 4 years ago when their new album had come out. And yes, there are totally deer everywhere!!!


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