Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

It is not Monday today so that is a good thing! It is also a 4 day work week..another good thing. I also no longer am sick...another good freaking thing! 

Also link up with that always fabulous Sami Shenanigans! 

1. That would be the hubs and father grilling on Sunday. We finally felt somewhat decent to go out and about. 
2. I have a pretty awesome grandfather with his own awesome beard. Duck Dynasty ain't got nothing on him!
3. Yes...drinks were had. Thank you Mikes Hard whatever that was.
4. That had a ton of food that I could not eat all of it. It was just to much.
5. I did get a watermelon and I may have ate a ton of that yesterday and had it for breakfast today.
6. I am loving my Vino-2-Go. 
7. Look at how cute Itsy Bitsy is! 
8. OHH there she is again! This is for all those Pitbull haters! Go on and hate it! Check out my post on that here and here

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!! Make it magical!

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  1. Looks like the perfect memorial day weekend!

  2. Number 6. I really need to get one of those.

  3. sunshine, family and drinks! that looks like a pretty good way to spend the weekend! :)

  4. WATERMELON!! Now I'm gonna have to go buy myself another!

  5. Ha! Look at those ears!! And backyard grilling is perfect for any weekend, lets go 4day workweek!

  6. looks like a fun weekend! and i love pits! they are so sweet if they have the right owner!

  7. I have never met a pit bull that I haven't liked! I'd defend the breed too so I'm glad you did. I'm always having to defend myself on Great Danes because everyone calls them dumb and says they'll chew everything (hasn't happened yet) so good for you girl!

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Your weather looks like it was nicer than ours

  8. Fab Fab post!!!great pics!
    Really nice blog!!!!do u want to Follow each other!?

  9. Looks like the perfect start to summer!!! I feel like Mike's Hard whatever they are (per your naming convention =)) are totally underrated. Yum yum!


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