Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TV Recaps

Where did April go to? It ran away! This year is flying by so fast. You know what that means though? With May here finally, that means that in just a few days I get to celebrate being married for 3 years. That is a long freaking time. I beat Kim K. by a long shot! 

How awesome is my farmers tan! 

Also with May coming, means no more winter. Let's pray that the cold has left for good and we will have nice springish days for awhile. 

Also has anyone else been keeping up with The Following? Well Monday was the finale and let me tell about leaving us with some cliff hangers? One..Joe Carroll is not dead..he can't be. Two..of course Ryan Hardy and Claire Matthews had to get stabbed at the last second. Three..Why did Agent Parker have to die? 

Was anyone else like this watching it?

Also on Bones...I love this show and have for years but it has taken so many twist and turns that it is getting played out with the Pelant character. I am over it. Just kill his character off already. How many times can the guy get away, blackmail them, and torture them? Maybe ask Joe Carroll for some help? 

Now that these shows are off the air I have nothing to watch. Duck Dynasty is done, My Big Redneck Vacation has wrapped, Bones and The Following Just finished, PLL is done, Mob Wives has finished shanking each other. What will I watch now? I have to wait a good bit until True Blood is back and then I get to see them amazing Alex Skarsgard. If you have any good shows to get me through this slump...let me know! My weekends are booked with Nascar so let's schedule around that! 

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  1. Gosh I can't wait for true blood!!! I love your wedding pic:)

  2. Do you have netflix? They have a lot of great options! I only tv shows that I watch currently on "real" tv, meaning not netfix are Grey's Anatomy, Nashville and Chicago Fire. Oh and my new guilty pleasure "Ready for Love."

  3. you crack me up. i don't have cable so unless it's on Netflix i've probably never seen it. but the How I Met Your Mother gif is hilarious.

  4. PLL needs to come back on, NOW. I miss seeing Shoby! I have a television addiction. ;)

  5. i am cool and just watch the office. seriously im such a nerd. happy almost 3 years!!!

  6. I just started watching Bones last week and am already a few episodes into the second season. Oh Netflix...
    Anyway, I love the show! I didn't catch the beginning of The Following but I am hoping I can find it soon. I love me some Kevin Bacon!
    They Call Me Gypsy Queen


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