Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In


I love this link up so much and my girl Chelsee is one of the host and Steph is also one.  I was struggling this morning about what to post but finally settled on one topic that is near and dear to my heart. Food! We all eat food when partying and once we get a little booze in us, we tend to eat whatever is near us. So I give you, my top favorite food to eat when I drink. *WARNING-It may be very unhealthy*

1. Chili cheese dogs-from Sheetz. No where else...Only Sheetz
The best part about this, you can get 2 for $0.99. If you do not have a Sheetz near you, you are missing out. 

2. Pizza. Everyone loves Pizza. I do not want Pizza Hut or Domino's though. I want that little pizza joint that has been there for years and the owners are from Italy.

3. Taco Bell. Heaven! I love me some tacos and when I am drinking this is the best food on earth. I may pay for it later.

4.Pickles and Cheese. I know this is a pregnant woman thing but I eat pickles normally. Like a jar a week so when booze is involved I like to put cheese on them. Do not judge me. 

5. Nachos with cheese and chili. But..only from 7-Eleven. I know..I am picky. They really have the best around. 

The good thing about this is I have to drive to get these or someone else has to, so I do not get this food very often. If I did..I would be as big as a house. Thank god I do not eat this on a regular basis. Thank you baby Jesus.
What are you drunk foods?

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  1. Chili dogs are the best. There's this hot dog stand in Florida that sells the craziest hot dogs.... a hula dog with pineapple and jalapenos... etc. NOM!

  2. Umm tacos from Jack in the Box?!! And I always love me some pickles! But I only like the Claussen (sp?) brand!

  3. Drunk food...hmm..taco bell or jack in the crack tacos. Or more booze. Usually more booze. Who needs food when you've got alcohol. sense to me.

  4. omg I'm starving now! I love me some taco bell. I live for it. Honestly my whole night out is spent plotting how I can convince my friends that we must get taco bell at 3 am

  5. These look like amazing drunk food. I love hitting up taco bell when intoxicated. Thanks for linking up! #bffblog

  6. Pickles and cheese??? Ewwww (judging only slightly ;) ) I LOVE french fries when I've been drinking! There's nothing better.

  7. oh god...I love all this stuff. I eat like a cow when I'm real wasted. I have never had a sheetz chili dog...i am from detroit and i think coney island is the only chili dog i eat. we actually brought back frozen chili last time the bf i an went home!

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