Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In Week #4

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Hey hey hey! It is week 4 of one of my favorite link ups! The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In! One of my blog besties, Chelsee, is the host of this beauty and I love it. 

Now..for this week I decided to go with fun things to do at a country party. When you go to a country/redneck never know what will happen or what kind of foolish stuff will be done. I thought I should show the world some of the fun that can be done!

1. Swimming Pool

If it is hot out and we have no swimming hole (creek/lake/river) to go swimming in..we will make our own pool. 

2. Mudding

Now there are so many things that can be done with this. You can hook up to a truck, four wheeler, gator and you can hook many things up to chairs, mattresses (for surfing) and many other things and just go for it. You can also just take your vehicle through the mud and get very dirty. 

3. Beer pong

Everyone plays this..whether redneck or not. We just make better tables and play with harder drinks. 

4. Horseshoes

Everyone plays this game....we just use anything that we can find. Booze can do this to you. 

5. Just look at the picture.

Pretty is a pile of fun at redneck/country parties and these are just a few of the things that may happen there! 

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  1. Haha I love that redneck swimming pool!!!

  2. hahaha! this is too awesome! and the pool is my favorite!

  3. Too funny!

  4. After our finals in high school kc and some friends legit made that redneck swimming pool and partied in the school parking lot. It was epic.

  5. Bahaha! This cracked me up. I like you Rachel and I like your blog so you just gained another follower. :) Can't wait to look around more!

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  6. Omg, I haven't been mudding in SO long! Now I want to go!!

  7. Omg these are so funny! Thanks for linkup up with Stephanie and I:) are too sweet blog bestie!

  8. Hahaha the red neck pool!!! That's hilarious!!


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