Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Struggle-litis to the max

Today is a struggle-litis day for me. I Googled this word to see if it was even a word and my blog came up so I guess no one else uses it. Go me. Lets recap how my day has went since I woke up at 5:40..which I do every day.

So far today I have had to chase my dog through the field to get her back..she was fine with this and thought we were playing. Thanks Itsy. 

I had to clean up toilet paper off the floor when I got out the shower also, thanks Itsy, since she thought it was her personal chew toy. I have had to, over the past few weeks, learned to pick up the trash can, since this little girl wants to get in the trash when I am in the shower and destroy anything in it. She now has learned to just take the toiled paper right off the roll on the wall and go to town. This started today. 

I can not really be mad at her because she is so darn cute but damn it, cut the shit dog! 

I then proceeded to hit my head getting out of the car to come to work.

I then tripped while walking my 10-15 minute walk to my office from the garage. 

Can my day get any worse? I should probably not type this as it probably can as this has all happened in a few short hours. 

It could be worse honestly...I could be Amanda Bynes. But I am not..THANK JESUS FOR THAT. 


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  1. I hate it when Tilly does something that makes my day start off stressful!

  2. This makes me so grateful that my dog is out of the puppy destructive phase!! Hope it's all uphill from here!

  3. yes, just think of amanda bynes! and love that you made up a word. so that means you are beyond awesome

  4. Bahahaha true story, at least you aren't Amanda Bynes!!

  5. Sheldon! & amen for not being amanda bynes!


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