Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nascar Day!

Today is Race DAY!!!!!!!! Of course I am happy. This is one of my favorite days. They are at Talledega today. During Nascar season we get 10 months out of the year. What does baseball and football get? Only a few months..psh..we get almost a full year of full blown chaotic fun! 

Casey Mears is starting 22...lets hope he makes it to the top 10..if not first! 
Danica is 23...but who cares if she wins..she has some rocking hair that could make a hair commercial pretty awesome!

Also...Dale Jr. is 4th in points...maybe he will win and move farther up. 

As long as Jeff Burton doesn't win..I am happy. I do not want my mother having any bragging rights...I mean any! 

Lets go racing!

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