Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Just because....

Just Because

I am in such a blog rut. I have also noticed that I am not the only blogger going through this. My views are down down down. Some days they are up up up. Is it because I stopped using so many gifs? Is my blog just boring and no one really cares to read what I say?

Also..I have been feeling super frumpy and fat lately. I love my size and I am super happy with my lumps but I am not always happy with how my clothes fit. I guess I can't have both! 

Also why are we having to wait 10,000 years for the new Hunger Games movie? I need some JHutch time. I can only watch the first movie so many times before it gets old. 

On a good note...I have been loving my new foundation I got from Covergirl. The  Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation is amazing. It last all day long and I do not need to re apply it at all. 

Sorry for the negative this morning but I am running on a tiny bit of a sleep today. I even slept some in the garage at work since I arrived early (who does that??). I promise to be fresh faced and smiling tomorrow!

I am also opening a online clothing store very soon. I figured now was a good time to say HEY about it. I have a name picked out that suits me and I am super happy with it. I will reveal the name once everything is final. 

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  1. I totally just wrote a super long comment and it didn't go through..... WTH, blogger!!

  2. An online clothing store?! Awesome! Sounds like another way to piss off my bank account.

  3. soooo ready for the new hunger games movie!

  4. I can't wait for your line to go public, I am so proud of you:)

  5. I love that foundation too! It lasts all day! That's so exciting about your clothing store, wow! Can't wait to hear more!


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