Friday, May 3, 2013


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I have not linked up in forever for High Five for Friday but it seemed appropriate for me to do this. I am super excited for it to be Friday on so many levels. 

1. I have been basking in my Casey Mears glory all week.

2. I am wearing this amazing Maxi skirt today. I love it. 

3. This weekend is going to be amazing weather which means a ton of outdoor fun!

4. I finally starting selling my Fleece Blankets on my Etsy shop! They are $35.00 but you can get them with a 15% offer. Email me for details. 

5.  I had a 4 day work week so the week went by fast...pretty sweet! 

Pretty awesome week right?

Do not forget to enter my giveaway here! I am also posting my 2nd part of my interview with Casey Mears very soon...stay tuned!

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  1. glad you had such a great week! send some of that happiness over this way pleaseee.

  2. I'd be basking in Casey Mears glory too!!!

  3. Love the maxi skirt! Have a great weekend

  4. The maxi skirt is amazing. And everything is better with toddlers and tiaras!

  5. Casey is one fine man!! Looks like you were pretty comfy sitting beside him:)


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