Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Tomorrow I celebrate 3 years of marriage....that is a long time y'all! A long freaking time. I would not have it any other way! But that post if for another day...like tomorrow so check back for that fun stuff.

Yesterday I went to the doctor finally after years of dealing with my hands breaking out randomly and looking like scaly messes. I was finally diagnosed with Pompholyx Eczema. You only get it on your hands and feet..in my case..my hands. Fun times there friends. I would not suggest looking up or googling pictures. There are very severe pictures of this online..I do not have that. I have a very mild case of it and I will be dealing with this the rest of my life I am guessing. I have out breaks a couple times a year and I have to deal with it. The doctor put me on a oral steroid and I was told I MAY have mood swings. WINNING! 


I am over this rain as well. (mood swings already see!) It is going to rain all week. What happened to April Showers...May Flowers? Mother Nature has her shiz all messed up. If you know her, please inform her of this so she can get it corrected. 

Also..if you know Ke$ha...I watched her show last night and for some reason I believe she wants to be my best friend. Hey..I am just telling you what I saw. Please let her know..I am down to hang. Tell her to hit me up..e-mail me... tweet me...and that I know some men with beards too. I can help her out! Just saying!

Ok I am done rambling...as you can see I really had nothing to blog about but turned this out! Go me!

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  1. Haha Kesha ..really? I hope the hands get better soon!

  2. I have eczema too, but its gotten WAY better since I was little.

  3. You poor thing!!!! You know I have to google pics now though... HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY!

  4. Happy almost anniversary! :)

    And hoping your hands get better soon! Definitely won't be looking up pics...thanks for the warning!

  5. Bad idea, I googled it. I just fbooked ya

  6. I developed eczema after we got our dog about a year and a half ago. I had asthma as a child and apparently the two are inter-related. I had been controlling it pretty well and then I got pregnant and it became awful! My whole body itched. Behind my knees, elbows, wrists, back, shoulders, by my armpits. Ugh! I'm seven weeks post partum now and still waiting for it all to go away!! A chlorine filter on my shower has helped (to filter out the chlorine from the water) and then the cream and lots of shea butter as actually helped sooth it as well. Its not on my hands so I really haven't had to worry about different lotions or soaps irritating it. Good luck!

  7. Haha. I can't tell you how many days I blog and am just like "YES! I made it through!" Lol. Congrats on 3 years of marriage. Woohoo!

  8. I hope the eczema gets better soon. I have it too, and it went away for a while and is now coming back, ugh. I feel your pain! Congratulations on 3 years, that's awesome! Hope you guys are doing something fun to celebrate.


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