Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dead Ever After:Sookie Stackhouse Series

I normally do not post book reviews on my blog but I am a secret book nerd. I love my Nook Color and you can catch me reading at night. 

This book, Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris was the last novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. This is also known as the True Blood TV Series. 

This book was was a bit of a disappointment to me. I literally read it in one day as I have been waiting a entire year for this baby to come out. I even paid the hefty price that Barnes and Noble asked. It was a good read, but Sookie is of course having someone come after her wanting her dead. She is being framed for a murder she did not commit. She is also having issues with Eric like normal. Of course everything turns out okay but I feel like the book was rushed and wrapped up to quick and Sookie ended up with Sam somehow in a quick 5 minute conversation that made no sense to me. She was supposed to be with Eric. It made no sense to me. I feel some what let down with how she built this entire series and then she rushed this last book just to end it with Sookie ending with Sam. 

The rest of the series is amazing but I was not impressed with this book. I do not want to give anymore away...even though I gave a lot already so I the entire series from start to finish. It is worth it but be prepared to be let down. 

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  1. Let's be nook buddies too while we're at it :)

    PS- make a dang link on the sidebar so I dont have to hunt down your sites url :P

  2. I've heard of this series!! And I've also heard good things about it. I'm trying to get a summer reading list together, you know, now that school is over and I can read more than just text books =) How many books are in this series?! Any others you reccomend for some summer reading?!

  3. I've heard a lot of people say that this book was a let down. I really wanted to buy it but now I don't really want to waste my money. I wanted the tiger guy to come back (I can't remember his name now for some reason).


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