Friday, May 3, 2013

Curvy Girl for Life

I have read some post lately of everyone trying to lost weight. This is no way going against what they are doing. This is me accepting who I am.
I have struggled with my weight for years. I have had highs and lows. I have tipped that scale at 200 and have been low as 140. I have accepted that I will no longer see 140 lbs. It has fluttered off into the distance and will never come back again to visit.  In high school..I got picked on because of my weight but I just let it go. I figured I would never see those kids again so who really cares! At OBX one year some guys rode by and laughed at me when I was wearing a bikini. Do you know how bad that feels?
Today..I still battle it. I have learned though that I am the one who can change it, accept it and be happy with it. I am happy with my weight and how I look.

Now before everyone says..thats not alot. I am not all. I am only 5'2. So look at 164 packed into 5'2. Yep..not alot to work with there.
Could I stand to lose I going to work out? Nope. Who am I kidding. I have not done it for years so why am I gonna start now? I eat okay. I do not eat fast food or drink a ton of soft drinks. I am just curvy and happy.
Now..for the photos over the years..I only have some as I have managed to avoid photos showing my tub! I would un tag my self on facebook, delete them off cameras or angle them certain ways to look good.
Yep....there it is..all pudgy and sticking out!Atleast my boobs have a place to rest!
This is on our honeymoon..look at that belly!
Look at the belly in this one...large and in charge!

But you know what...I have a husband who loves me, 2 furbabies who love me and friends that care and love me. I am happy being a size 11/13. I am fine with massive boobs, I am fine with being chunky and I am fine with being this way. I am happy with not being able to squeeze into mediums. I can't wear any shirt that shows any bit of your cleavage without having a TON of cleavage. Big girl problems yall.

I would love to have a flat belly and small boobs. I can't even imagine what a B size cup is. What that even looks like on me. I have been this size for years. I have mastered the art of sucking my stomach in. I can hold it in like a pro. Some days..I do not care and it is out there and I am just a chunky monkey for the day.

I am happy being this way. I will not be working out..because I won't. I do not want to lie to the world or make excuses for myself. No point in that. I proud of how you look. No shame in my game!
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  1. It's great to feel good in your own skin! Have a great weekend.

  2. As long as you are happy, that's what matters!

  3. Your happy and that is all that matters. And confidence is hott, so rock it girl.

  4. Love this post, especially: I am just a chunky monkey for the day. I'm going to try to remember that. I am hoping to work out a bit. I've struggled with health problems and have gotten to the point where everything leaves me winded. I could get past the weight thing if I just felt a little better. For me, it's about how I feel not how I look.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Rachel I love this! And you know I push exercise but I support being comfortable in your own skin more than anything else! And girl, you are owning you. It's beautiful and inspiring!!

  6. Love this post!!!! I am not a slender girl either and I'm just not built to be tiny nor would I want to be!!

  7. Love you just the way you are!!!!

  8. Love it! Is anybody every comfortable in their own skin? I'm 5'6'' and 135 but still an A cup. I can still fit into my bras from high school...which was 10 years ago. I have good days and bad. My best days are when my chest sticks out more than my belly but I guess that's what padded bras are for, right?
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