Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Casey Mears...part 1

I was given the amazing opportunity to interview Nascar driver Casey Mears at the Richmond race this past weekend. He is the driver of the #13 Geico Racing car of Germain Racing. He is a very talented driver and a very nice person. I of course, being the Nascar fan that I am, was thrilled and said yes right away. I asked on Facebook, Twitter and this ole blog what you wanted to know. have to stay tuned to watch it.
After my interview I got to take a picture with him and I was super creepy and touched him..sorry Casey Mears!
Geico Racing also has a replica of Casey Mears race car there which is pretty cool. How often do you get to see a real race car like this?
They also had games you could play! How much fun is that. You go to a race, get bored and want to do something..head over to Geico's Pit Stop Challenge! You get to try your shot at being in the pits, working on Casey's car!
These guys will help you out if you have any trouble!
They also have one of the best looking motorcycles I have ever seen which has been custom made by Paul Jr., the owner of Paul Jr. Designs and you know him from a T.V. show.

If you get super bored, which you shouldn't at their site, they have a bean bag toss game. I am no good at this!
The one thing I really enjoyed about the Geico Racing spot was how much fun it was. While I was waiting for my interview with Casey Mears, they had games on stage, they got the crowd involved, they did the train through the crowd, the crowd danced like crazy and they gave away a ton of prizes.
If you are ever near a Geico Racing tent or event, stop by. It is well worth it. You will have a blast with all the fun they have there. The fans are fun to be around, the people working the event are a blast and have a smile the entire time. Also...the Gecko is there and if you can possibly get a chance to dance with the Gecko...pshh..who wants' to pass that up!
Check back later for my interview with Casey be continued!!!

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