Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Careless Driving

Normally I am not into posting something serious but this made me REALLY MAD today. 

While driving to work I was cut off today. I usually am but not like this. This big ole SUV decided to speed like a nut and when they thought they couldn't pass me got behind me, then decided to pass me and then slammed on the brakes in front of me. I am completely against careless driving. You can really hurt someone. 

I did block out their license plate to protect their identity. I am also stopped in traffic and not driving while taking the picture. 

Now this vehicle also decided to do this to other cars, weave in and out of traffic and just drive like a maniac. At first I thought it was a young kid or something being dumb but then as I got farther to work I realized they may be on their way to the hospital. I work by a major one in Virginia. This DOES NOT give anyone any reason to drive like that. If you have a relative in the hospital, they are being taken care of already and you driving like a fool will not help them out. If someone is in your vehicle and you are trying to get them to the hospital....and they are in that bad of a condition....you should have called the ambulance. 

There is never a reason to drive like a complete nut. EVER! 

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  1. It's so ridiculous when people drive like nuts-especially in a car that big!

  2. Oh geez, PREACH girl! I hate hate hate careless and aggressive drivers! I saw what could have been such a bad accident the other day on a damn bridge because some crazy driver felt the need to cut off a minivan. Why?

  3. Oh my gosh! Wreckless (reckless?!) drivers make me so angry! People get hurt daily thanks to them!

  4. Welcome to every day in Atlanta. I don't understand how these people ever passed their driver's test

  5. That is a pretty large vehicle to be driving like that in!
    Being on the road a lot more with a longer commute,
    I deal with this sort of stuff a lot more often.
    Almost everyday I see stuff like this.
    It's scary!

  6. Word.

    Can't stand irresponsible drivers!

  7. This happens to me daily!! I think the worst drivers are in Baltimore (that's where I work). It's like the rules of the road don't apply to them and they don't care!

  8. I hate people that drive like that one. Last week there was an old man that was tailgating me horribly and then went around me and cut in really close, and driving at high speeds. It was ridiculous for his age! I actually had a cop cut me off today. I was so shocked that a cop did that. Jerk.


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