Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is bothering me.

I try to not blog about negative things and I really try to make my blog into a happy place. But this week has been a hard week for me in blog land and in my real life. I am mentally and physically exhausted. 

This week...week from hell. ...PMS....and bloggers that want to start drama and for some reason do not know how to shut the hell up. LET IT GO WOMAN! LET IT GO! I want my twitter feed back. 

Regarding your job..represent me....stop accusing me and my husband...why do I even pay you? I have been on the phone going rounds with multiple people. I have gotten no where. I am exhausted, mentally drained, and done.


Sorry for all the ranting on here today but this how I feel and this is what is going on in Rachel-Land these days. 

Now..let's be happy..aww..feels good right!

It is almost Friday and we can all dance around to Rebecca Black's amazing tune! The weather is still amazing here in Virginia. I am loving that. I am going to be getting some sun this weekend and maybe go to a BBQ with some friends. Hopefully my casper white self will get some sun this weekend and then I will not blind people with my see through skin! 

I am done fussing and talking for now..I am gonna eat my oatmeal and be done with this...goodbye for now!

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  1. It's ok to vent girl, get that shit off your chest! Hope this weekend helps cheer you up... sorry for all you're going through!!

  2. drama why does it always exist. I thought we would not have this after highschool. man was i wrong!

  3. Take a deep breath. Hold for 3 seconds. Let it all out. Hugs!


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