Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend...not shenanigans!

No shenanigans happened this past week. My life is BORING! I cleaned all weekend. I did not go out anywhere. I did not drink...crazy I know! I literally lived like I was a 70 year old woman this past weekend. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I haven't even painted my nails in weeks. 

I did figure out that my phone can take panoramic pictures. I had some fun with that. Here is the view of where I live! 

I also played on This is for all of you Harry Potter dorks. I got to buy my own wand and I got matched in the Ravenclaw house. After that part I lost interest. I could care less about the rest of the game. It was fun up until that. 

It is a beautiful day in Charlottesville and I am loving this weather. I am not sure how long it will last. I have also realized that I am really really not a fashion blogger. I will never be able to throw some amazing outfit together and pin it or blog it. So here is what you get today..and it isn't even of my clothes!


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  1. hey cleaning is definitely an accomplishment in my book! and so is taking panoramic pics!

  2. I agree with Helene is definitely an accomplishment! I did everything I could this weekend to AVOID cleaning :) and I succeeded! And you're not alone with not being a fashion blogger. I'll never be one either, but I'm okay with that! LOVE your panoramic of where you live ♥.

  3. I did zero cleaning this weekend....I need to do that!


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