Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

It is my favorite blog post of the week and least favorite day of the week. Monday and I have have yet to reach a understanding of each other. We still hate each other and have yet to become friends. Monday is a complete bish! 

I did have a fabulous weekend with my lovely hubs though! 

1. I got to drive home in a rain storm on Friday. I thought this was a sign of bad things to come but it was not. I could barely see so of course I took pictures while driving. 
2. We went to a car show on Saturday. This was the man part of the weekend. I had to walk by EACH CAR and act like I knew what Chris was talking about. 
3. This car he fell in love with...I thought it was cute with the flames.
4. We had Thai on the UVA corner for lunch. It was to die for!
5. We ended Saturday by drinking and having a bonfire. On facebook some people said it was more of a campfire...psh that made my hubs put brake clean on it and he took the air hose from the garage to it so the fire would be bigger!
6. Selfie of course!
7. Bon fire Shenanigans.
8. My parents came over and had dinner with us. My mother cooked everything thank god!
9. Hair is colored and cut finally!

This also happened yesterday...

Womp womp...Poor Kyle..can never catch a break! Maybe this weekend at Richmond

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  1. that thai food looks amazing! It was a freaking monsoon here on Friday too - ugh glad that's over!

  2. Nothing like hanging around a bonfire on a weekend night!

  3. I love that you had to walk by the cars and act like you knew what Chris was talking about. Totally understand, life of a mechanics wife.

  4. You are making me want Thai food asap! looks sooo delicious!

  5. Bahaha, I take pictures in the car when it rains or snows too. I have fleeting thoughts of "this isn't safe" but I do it anyway!

  6. Hate that I missed the bonfire..thanks for the invite:) IF only I were closer:(

  7. "I could barely see, so of course I took pictures." This is why I love you guuuurl! Hahaha! It sounds like your weekend was amazeballs!! Love the your selfies. =)

  8. yay an awesome weekend!! and love your hair!

  9. So THAT'S what happened in NASCAR.. My 3 year old niece is obsessed with NASCAR and the "M&M car" is her fave and she came and found me and was practically in tears over the M&M car and I had no idea why! Glad you had a fun weekend though!

  10. This weekend was good for me too! I cooked a lot of amazing food, and just relaxed, while working a little bit here and there. :)

    xx Denysia Yu


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