Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Rambles

Wednesday we meet again. Today I am in a funk. I feel frumpy...grumpy and blah! I need a hair cut like 2 weeks ago. My hair also needs colored. My roots are sticking out about a inch and half. I also am pretty bitchy this week...just a FYI if you could not tell.
On a good is Wednesday so we are half way through the week. HUMP DAY YALL! I also weighed my fun size self. Down 7 lbs. Ta-dow yall! I have not worked out. No time for that silly ness here.
I have switched to the gluten free diet with my husband. He has a gluten allergy and it is easier to just switch with him instead of making separate meals for me at the same time. I do still eat bread and all the fun stuff when I am not with him. I know they say if you do not have the allergy do not cut it out. all the blog drama! This is all I have to say..No more shall come from these fingers regarding this!
Really I just wanted to use those gifs!
It is also beautiful in Virginia today. The weather is perfect this morning. Not sure how it will be this afternoon but it is the perfect spring air. I did not mind walking to work at all today.  I am very lucky to work at such a beautiful school.
I hope everyone has a smashing good day..if not..drink makes it all better!
Also do not forget about the giveaway..over here!
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  1. down 7lbs?! girlllll that is a win!

  2. I'm jealous of your beautiful weather...cold, rainy, hail and 30degrees here :'(
    that movie is hilarious! btw.

    also, I missed you getting a blog re-design! I love it!

  3. Love it all! I'm sorry your having a crappy week. After reading this I went to call my hair dresser. Admitting its been almost four months without a cut/color is embarrassing but thanks for kicking me into setting an apt!


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