Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I walk In

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This link up is hosted by Southern Beauty Guide and Bourbon and Glitter.  Basically...write about party experiences, games, fun times! 

Now..I went to a business college and finished online so I did miss out on the lovely "college experience" but do not think that I can not throw down. Here in the country we know how to have some fun. Here are some tips I have that are the best way to get down in the country!

1. Say it with me..Kegs..Kegs..Kegs. You will be the life of the party if you have these. We had one at the wedding and it was tapped out within a hour. Also more reason to bring more than one keg! Kegs also bring more fun to the party as they bring laughter and joy to adults. You can do keg stands. 

2.  Red Solo Cup. Now yes..this is a song and everyone tries to be funny about it. But here in the country this means serious business as not use them. You may end up with chewing tobacco in it. Country boys here use dip..nasty as it is..they do. Use red solo cup will turn into a spit cup. Bottles only please! 

3. Watch out for the person that has had way to much to drink. If you live near a redneck/related to one/are one...when intoxicated things like this happen! 

4. Moonshine...heaven but taste burns like a bitch! Be careful..will put you in the dirt! 

5. Bud light was made from God and sent to us from God. Do not argue with us about this. We will not try any other beer except we may drink Miller Lite or PBR. If you do not know PBR...then bless your heart!

6. If you are invited to a barn party...GO. They are fun..that is all I can say. 

7. I can flat foot. It is a rare seen moment and I only bust it out when I have partaken of said bud light or other above mentioned beverages. This is a true sign of your country heritage. It may have also happened at some country concerts where people have stared at me..get off it bishes!

So after my lovely tips/experiences that I am willing to share here are some of my party pics!

Notice me on the left with blonde hair..I am also hiding a beer!

Yep..there ya go! 

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  1. You kill me with your gof pics haha..btw I love red solo cup! I think we established this last time we vblated! Haha fun times:) thanks for linking up!

  2. Goodness girl! I don't think I recovered from that spit cup talk. EW. But I'm glad you know how to get down girl ;)

    New to your blog from the link up, I'm so excited to see what else you have going on here!!

    Stop by and say hi sometime,

  3. What is flat footing? Help a northerner out!

    My BFF's Virginia relatives make moonshine and send it home with her. Chest burner!

  4. I'm kinda jealous and wished I could have link-ed up to think. Heck maybe I should?!?!

  5. Hahahaha! That is hilarious! I totally do that same thing, stick my arm all the way out like the beer isn't there and no one knows what you're doing. And I agree with Steph - what is this flat foot business?

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  6. stopping by from the link-up, country parties are the best ever- so much fun!!

  7. Haha, awesome!! Bud Light is my beer!! But I drink Michelob too. :)


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