Thursday, April 4, 2013


Today was a complete suckfest. I had off work..which you would think would be amazing. BUTTTT no...Geico wants to make sure it is a complete suckfest. The agent  was rude, wanted to make accusations and I am done with this. 

Due to this my entire day off work was not fun. I am just now getting around to blogging, I got nothing really done except I did clean up the house some. My teeth hurt from grinding them. knee hurts too! 

I did find out about Lush Bath Bombs and now I want like 10 of them. EXCEPT...we have no Lush store here. The nearest one is in Northern VA and I will not drive that far. So I am going to try and make one myself but I feel like they will not be the same. I even tried to find the cheap-o ones at like CVS and Walmart. Yep...did not happen. Lush has the lock down on this market. So what did my broke ass do? I bough elmo bubbles because that is all the store had...damn country living! 

Tomorrow is Friday...hopefully the weekend goes great.


  1. Hahaha, that second gif, HILAIR!! Cheer up buttercup!! Sorry for your bad day! =(

  2. Hahahah. Elmo bubbles! And I LOVE me some Tamra Barney. My husband and I (yes he knows the schedule) watched the new RHOC premiere and were laughing all night


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