Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend was a blast!! So much happened this past weekend and for it come to close is not fun! I am not working today though so hey girl hey! 

I went to the Nascar race on Saturday in Richmond. I got to interview Nascar Driver Casey on the lookout for that post! He is the driver of the #13 Geico car and is pretty awesome! I will have my interview and a whole post on it one day this week!

The one thing that did happen was this....

You see that amazing sun burn! Yep..I am so smart! 

Nascar races are so much fun. You have a diverse group of people. You get people dressed up (me), drunks, the men who walk around with no shirts and pot bellies, the young girls who walk around wearing basically no shirts, and the various other people. I like to sit and people watch for a while. At certain times you can catch the drivers going through the crowds but some of the people have partaken of way to many beverages and did not notice. I have some great pictures and I can not way to share everything with you. I will post another blog post the race shenanigans! 

Yesterday was spent cleaning the house..womp womp and I have off today so cheers to that. 

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  1. We may need to do a virtual party soon! I miss seeing your pretty face and your hubby's hilarious dancing! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Enjoy your day off! Can't wait to hear the details of your interview!

  3. Ooo can't wait to hear all about the interview!

  4. Hope you had a great day off, and I'm looking forward to hearing about the interview!!!


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