Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lets get serious for a second

Time for some seriousness..sort of! So..as of yesterday we know Shain Gandee from Buckwild passed away. Now typically I do not talk about this type of stuff on here but this is bothering me. Some people have started to say things like this:

"I've had to hide about 100 posts about this Shain person... Its sick..."
"Famous? This kid wasn't famous to anyone but the trailer park girls hanging out at the Laundromat"

There has also been comments about how some of our military has passed away the same day but all we see if stuff about him. It is news...and that is how it works. We have been at war for YEARS....and this was a reality star. If you want to do something about the war..ENLIST!

It must be bothering them that someone has passed away as well. This was on facebook and some news reports where people can comment and I do not know these people. I do not typically let these things bother me. BUTTTT Shain Gandee, it seems passed away from an accident. An accident that even my own husband could have done as he loves to go mudding his self.
I believe that a lot of the public are judging him based off of a show. Did you know him..bet not..do you live like this? Bet not!
I find that some people should watch what they put online as well. I know when people go on reality shows, they put their selves out there to be criticized by the public and they need to accept that but I feel that when you pass away...it stops there. You do not talk about someone in a bad manner when they pass away. This kid seemed like he was a honest, fun loving redneck kid and people are bad mouthing him because of a show he appeared on.

 Yes..I may be defending him as I am "country" but I believe that his family deserves respect and privacy.


  1. It is truly horrible that this has happened, but I do agree that people need to stop bad mouthing him. They may not have personally like him, but they should respect his family enough to refrain from bad mouthing him. I bet you that no one that is talking about him truly knew him at all, because if they did they would keep their mouths shut. I live in a place where people go mudding and there is nothing wrong with it at all, this could have happened to anyone. I truly hope that this post encourages people to back off and give his family some privacy.

  2. I agree with you 110%. It was bugging me SO much what I saw some people saying. At the end of the day, it is a human life... and it is awfully sad news. People really do need to think twice before posting things on the internet. Ridiculously disrespectful. Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed. Good for you girl!

  3. I seen the post on FB last night and originally thought that he had joined the military because I've never seen the show but then when I actually read it I was sick. Both families are mourning and just because one was on a reality show doesn't mean he is any better or worse than ANYONE else that passed yesterday. I think that post is so disrespectful, it's sick.

  4. Thanks girl! I too get annoyed just reading the rude and malicious comments people have put on his page. Yes he is a reality star but no that does not give us a right to criticize his life. We too do things that others would say OMG to but we need to look past it and just mourn for his family. It's always tough when someone is taken so young but to judge for what he did before he died isn't fair! I found the show comical and making me want to re-live my college days as we did a ton of stupid stunts like them when I was in college!!

    1. I do too. I do alot of things that people would look down on but I am sure they do too. I think that a lot of people need to stop judging others. They need to let this family grieve in peace. They would not like this done to them if the tables were turned.


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