Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Confessions of a country mess!

I saw Tami over at Friday Morning Buzz  blog about her confessions this a.m. and I thought that I would give some of my own dirty little confessions!

I confess that...

1. I can not do my make up to save my life. I have stuck to the same make up routine for years. I do not look bad but sista needs some help!

2. I am really behind in fashion. I tend to wait and see how things go and then try things on. Like maxi skirts. I see all you fashion bloggers sporting them bad boys...have I got I wanting one..yep! Am I scared..yep!

3. I love Nascar...DO NOT JUDGE ME!

4. I can not leave my house without a shower. Sorry but I can't. I actually can not function without one. My poor husband hates loathes this. 

5. I have a slight girl crush on Miranda Lambert..judge away. She is pretty awesome. 

6. I never know what to blog and just blog about random things that come to mind. I do not know how people schedule blog post ahead of time.

7. When I was younger I may have told people my sisters were found in dumpsters/adopted at one point. Hey...I had some things going on.

8. I have not painted my nails in a month.

9. I have not gotten my hair cut in 4+ mess happening here. (or colored this hair)

Lets stop there before this gets worse!

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  1. I love this. Miranda Lambert- totally hot.
    I laughed out loud at almost every one of these.
    Awesome post girl!

  2. I love NASCAR too! Favorite driver?

    & I totally have a huge girl crush on Miranda too!

  3. I love Nascar (Jimmie Johnson) & Miranda Lambert! & now that I think about it, I haven't painted my nails since oh... February.... wow.

  4. I'm totally stealing this idea!

    I like nascar too! ;)

  5. Miranda Lamberg is amazeballs...and anyone who can't see that...needs help :) hahaha!

  6. I actually have a confessions link up on my blog today!

  7. I'm kind of behind in fashion too. I just love my jeans and t-shirts!


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