Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are you a cool kid?

Lately in blog land..there has been some drama. Like..big time drama. One person is mad at this person. Another person is mad at this person. All of your blog friends back you up. It is posted about for days and we know the rest. 
 Really..can we all not get along for like a week at least? Also..what is with that damn e-mail that certain bloggers have been given the * privilege* to gossip about other bloggers on...is this the new GOMI?


BUT..are you a cool kid in blog land? Yes..you get followers....if you make it onto GOMI and people say things about you, you grow from it and hey YOU MADE IT in my book if people want to trash what you say. 

You know what I think....SCREW WHAT OTHERS THINK. Blog what you want to blog. Say what you want to say. If you do not want to read what I say on here..DO NOT READ IT. I read only blogs that I love and actually want to hear what they say. I value their blogs, opinions and love to see what they are doing in their lives. I do not read blogs to bash them or trash some one on twitter. I do not read a blog to go on some TOP SECRET BLOG and wait for it to go live where you bash people under secret names. GROW SOME BALLS BITCHES. 

Where I live...if you act like this and think you can get away with it..think again. You will get your ass whipped. Calling someone out on twitter, starting shit with someone on the internet that you have never met, is pathetic. Starting a top secret blog where you bash people is another form as bullying also. 

We blog as a outlet for our lives.We started this as a hobby/outlet. Do not turn this into a negative. 

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  1. AMEN! I hate when I see drama on blogland. In fact, I go unfollow. There is enough drama in real life.. LOL

  2. can you imagine? - you might even get a bitch slap across the face - the folks i know. wow weee!! so silly. i say write what you feel.

    like the new song out by Brad Paisley & LL Cool J. wrote a post about it today. but apparently others dislike it so, says the news online. i have always wondered what to do about the past?, it was not what i picked to do, so how to we move on? - when some always looks to the past. don't hate me for what others did or will do. like (hate) me for what i do. i wish to make a chance. i want folks to get along & agree to disagree. we can all be different, but i think we can come together & have a conversations. try to understand what each other are saying. not that you agree, but you agree to listen. & try to understand. ( :

  3. Very well said! I really don't care about any of this crap, hey if people want to bash my blog they can go for it (it might even bring me traffic, right? haha)

  4. Haha same here...if these mean girls were here they would have left without teeth. I mean really how much fun is a twitter war?!?!

  5. Freakin' preach it sistaaa! ...oh and also, what is GOMI?? There's a blog where people post just to make fun of other bloggers? Why are people mad at each other?? Why do I miss all the action? ...on second thought, maybe that's a good thing? I don't have thick skin...lol

  6. Agreed. I don't understand... do people have nothing better to do? I have no time for any of that!!!

  7. Agreed! I just read a post from another blogger, who was getting hated on because she started a new program that helps bloggers out!

  8. haha I saw some drama on Twitter last night, but I think I've missed the root of it...I'm okay with that though. I don't really care! It's just a BLOG!

  9. Agreed! I've noticed the drama going around but seriously we are grown women and it's time for people to realize that it's okay to leave high school. If people put half the effort into supporting someone as they do bashing them then they world would be a bit better.


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