Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter sucks!

We had a nice lovely snow storm come through..I mentioned it coming earlier in the week. I was super excited because I wanted a day off. I got my wish but I also got no power in my house. YEP! We are about to go into day 3 of no power. We were told it could be Sunday before we get it back..Sunday? Are you kidding me?


It was pretty snow but I hate it now..I never want to see snow again.

I also had not showered in 2 days. Stinky much? Lucky for me and the grandparents have power so they saved me. How sexy was I?

My own grandmother said she had never seen me like this and my hair looked bad. G-ma was dissing me! Lucky for me..a shower and makeup fixed it all.

I still have to go to work tomorrow...with no fresh shower. Lets hope my hair makes it through the night looking good. 

My birthday is Saturday and if I have no power by and REC power company will be going rounds. I shall be taking my butt down there and having a nice chat with them. 

I am running off of a generator which is nice. I have tv, fridge is great and I am on the net finally. HECK YES! 

So can everyone pray to the electric company gods that we get power back ASAP! K Thanks!


  1. I hope it comes back on soon!! We had snow that came through one night and we had no power for five hrs and I was frustrated. I can't imagine days without it!!

  2. So crazayyy!! Praying to those power gods... I love cold weather but that sounds miserable. I guess I should start being more thankful for the dang heat. Supposed to hit 80's this weekend, but then a COLD front in the 50's yay!

  3. I once went seven days without power... which turned me and my family into disgusting wild animals. However after day 3 I broke down and rented a hotel room that had electricity just to take a shower. It was worth every penny.

  4. Oh my goodness I can't believe it's still out... sending lots of good thoughts that it's back on when you wake up in the am! Being without power is THE worst!


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