Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Hey everyone! The weekend is over and that dreaded day Monday is is not being very nice today! The one good part about that Wednesday it is calling for a nice 6 inches of snow here..snow day maybe?
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My weekend was not super fabulous but it was nice and relaxing for the most part!!! I had to get my eyes checked and now instead of the same rx for both eyes for contacts I now get to different rx's. to not get that confused. I also went to my nieces cheerleading thing..I had no idea she was in this until a few weeks ago...Aunt FAIL!
That is alot of little kiddos right there! little nephew..he did not seem very impressed with any of the game or cheerleader stuff that was going on. He was more into chewing on this thing!

I also made some cupcakes for my coworkers because I am super nice..sometimes! The husband even helped me. I used my new pampered chef cake decorater tips. I love this things. Some people said they were hard to use and clean but I found them super easy to use and clean. Get them if you are thinking about it. They are worth the money.

The husband also finally shaved his face and now looks like a teenage boy..which I more my beard!! WOOT!
I also got to snuggle with this amazing little lady over the weekend....but look how evil she looks. (Note the never goes down!)
Soo..I think that is it. I took more pictures this weekend than I normally ever take. I did not spend any many on clothes so no shop March is going strong so far! My birthday is less than a week away and hopefully I will be having a blast and wasted on Saturday evening! Cheers to the week everyone!


  1. oh lord that's a cute dog. and those cupcakes look so delicious!!

  2. The one ear up? Come on so cute!!!! Also eff snow!

  3. "Because I'm super nice...sometimes." LOL! Sounds like you had a fab weekend!!

  4. I swear I would work for cupcakes... sad right? They are just that freakin good!

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the way you decorated the cupcakes. :-)

  6. We are having calls for snow also! Ahh I want it to be warm! Haha


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