Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: Depressed Addition

I am linking up with the wonderful Sami today! 
I am sad to say that my weekend shenanigans..not that shenanigan-ish as I am still moping and sad and depressed and pissed about my car. Sorry.
I literally did not do anything that is worth talking about on here. I mean I honestly stayed at home with the hubs and helped him in his shop working on cars. NOT FUN.
 I did not go shopping.
I did not go see Luke Bryan shake his ass like I was supposed to.
I did not drink at all.
I did...cry...get to the state trooper who is not being very nice! MEAN STATE TROOPER!
The good part about my weekend is that I did find out that Big Brother is doing casting calls here in Charlottesville in the next few weeks and my country ass is going to be there. I need something to pick my butt up and make me smile so..I need ideas on what to wear to get me on this reality tv show. So if you have some..throw them my way! If I would get casted then you can watch me 24 hours a day..for 3-4 awesome would that be? I know..a bit much but I would make that show worth it!


  1. That would be pretty cool if you made BB auditions! I tried out once for the Real World in Nashville when I was 19, it was such a fun experience! So sorry still about your car! You are definitely allowed to be bummed about that for a while. Hope this week is better for you!

  2. i am so sorry my friend!!! you should definitely look rockin hot for the big brother auditions! do a post with outfit choices!!!

  3. Ok seriously you have to try out! Try some kind of outrageous outfit, maybe a banana suit? Don't forget to mention that the zing bot is allowed to make fun of you for it too! I would die, I'd pay the damn fee to watch you 24/7 online too! DO IT!!

  4. Good luck with your audition...let me say as someone who has watched/talked to you via chat that you would be hilarious on national television!

  5. I'm so excited for you to try out! I LOVE Big Brother! I'm so so so sorry that happened to your car. People are just ridiculous.


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