Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenaigans

So first...sorry I was not posting all weekend long but I decided to take a break from the cyber world for a few days. It was well needed!!!
Remember...hook up with Sami today on the Weekend Shenanigans link up. It is pretty freaking sweet. Like mullet sweet!
I had a wonderful 3 day weekend. YAY!
Friday I bribed convinced the husband that we needed a new couch so we went and looked and the store was having a half off sale that I may have known about. We are now getting a new couch and love seat on Thursday!
I did get conned into going on a road call with the husband though (he has his own mechanic shop) and since he bought me the couch I felt obligated to go. I also had a online vlate with Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide which was a blast. She is funny and has the best country accent. My husband may hace scared her..not sure!

Also in the mail came my new make up bag that I ordered off of groop dealz. I have had the same makeup bag for literally years so I was so happy to see this deal.

Saturday I went to WV to see my friend Jess and we made a TON of wreaths. I had a blast and it is always nice to see friends. I am once again a blog failure as I did not take any pictures of us...just her awesome dog Zepplin!

Sunday..nothing to fun to blog about. It is snowing here again. I over the snow..way over it!


  1. Haha your husband was hilarious..he didn't scare me lol We def. will have to vdate again soon! Gosh.. I love Big Ang, she is too funny! #mobwives

  2. Cuuute make-up bag... love that!

  3. I'm thirding the cute makeup bag. You've got snow..I've got all needs to GEW

  4. new couch and makeup bag?! yes please.

  5. Yay for three day weekends! Have a great week!!

  6. You finally got your couch!! Yayay!!

  7. Yayyy for new couches and makeup bags!

  8. Hey Rachel! I just nominated you for a Liebster award. Go to my blog for more info!

  9. New follower!!


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