Thursday, March 14, 2013

Veronica Mars....hey!

What have the movie gods done? They are blessing us with a Veronica Mars movie thanks to 42,000 people that have donated over 3 million smack a roos to make this happen.


Also..I mean me and Veronica are kinda like twins right? We like bad husband has tattoos and all..does that count? She has a pit bull..I have 2. And...shes pretty awesome..I am pretty awesome!

 I am one happy lady. I love this show! I am very excited about the movie but if Jason Dhoring is not in watchy watchy from me. Skinny, pale white boy...right up my ally! Have you seen my husband?

And we need more of this...

Oh this too!


This is kind of a big deal really!


  1. Uhm, are you freakin' serious?! Whaaaaa I'm excited. Oh gosh.

  2. i was reading about this on the entertainment weekly website. love it!! i just started watching the show earlier this year through Amazon - when it ended i was shocked how it stopped - so i am super excited to hear this. can't wait!! ( :

  3. Omg I am so excited about this!!! I love Veronica Mars!!!!


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