Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Randoms!

I did it!!!! I sent in my application for Big Brother 15. I am also going to go to the casting call here in Charlottesville. I am making sure they see this hot mess! After recording my video (which I did like 10 times) I had no idea how hickish I sound and preppy. Pretty Bad!
 I still need ideas on clothes so I tweeted miss Kiki La Rue...she said e-mail her so she will save me and give me good ideas! Helene also had a great idea to post pictures of ideas of what I want to wear...so I will do that as well.
In other news...the groundhog is a moron and forgot that spring wanted to come. He predicted wrong so I believe we should find that little shit and have a nice chat. It is a never ending winter. Since when did it snow a week before April in Virgina?
Also..lets talk about The Following. I love this show. I love all shows like this. I guess somewhere in that redneck/country brain of mine..I like crime TV creepy stuff. But lets be real...this would NEVER HAPPEN! This man..escapes prison...is a serial killer..has hoards of people killing for him, has a compound that they all hide out in, and the FBI, CIA and local cops can not catch him. BE REAL..who is he?
So... today is Tuesday. 3 more work days until Friday. This weekend my family is coming to my house for Easter celebrations....which means I will need to drink my soul away to deal with all the crazies that they are. I will pray we all
get along and there is peace! Psh..who am I kidding.
So..cheers to the week, my Big Brother application, and Easter!


  1. Ok, I haven't watched Big Brother in a few seasons. I just couldn't stand Brendon and Rachel so I stopped altogether. But if you get chosen I WILL WATCH EVERY NIGHT! But I canceled my Showtime subscription so no BB After Dark for me. Wah!

  2. If I had a vote I'd deff be all for you girl!!

  3. I'm rooting for you to be on BB15! ECKS!


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