Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Truth About Me

I was tagged by Becca at Faith Love and Babies. It was a post about sharing a few things about your self. We are both newly weds and have similar things in common. She has the cutest child and I love reading her blog. CHECK HER OUT! 

The post is like an about me post but you get to learn more facts about the person on another level, things you would not learn without this! 

So..lets go! 

1. I hate being late to anything. I am 15 minutes early to work every day. I show up early to any appointment I go to. If we would have a can bet I will beat you there. I get anxious if I will be late and I can not stand it. 

2.  I started my blog because I needed a hobby and I was bored. It has now turned into something I LOVE!

3. I only drive Fords. Yep...I am one of those people. I love it..I had Ford Mustang..I did have a Ford Focus until someone stole it. I have Ford Fusion and the hubs has a F250. See a pattern?

4. I want to write a book but every time I start it, I only get about 4 pages before I hate it and trash it.

5. I am a home body. I am 100% happy staying at home watching movies and eating pizza. The husband wants to go out but I bribe him to stay here....we make it work! 

6. I really really really want to be on Big yesterday. I have watched it since it first came on the air and I have applied this year. I WILL BE ON IT...please Big Brother?

7. I can not leave the house if my hair is not done and make up.My husband hates it but sorry yall. That just ain't happening. 

So that is some things about me. Now..the fun part. Tagging others!

I tag...

Check these ladies out.They are pretty flipping awesome!


  1. I'm also a 100% homebody and LOVE being at home with the hubs and furbaby! Also cannot and WILL NOT leave the house without makeup...sometimes hair but very rarely! Love the added facts about the person behind the blog :)

  2. I love your truths! Thanks for doing this, I was nervous nobody would ;) Love that you're a homebody and that you're always early! I WISH I could be early, I'm awful I tell you.

  3. I am a total homebody!!! And proud! Thanks for tagging me. Ill have to think of some fun facts!

  4. Eeek! Thankie for tagging me! I too LOVE staying at home, like seriously, why do we have to go out? I'd rather stay home and pretend to clean but instead get caught up in a movie! And I'm still rooting for you on BB! You'd better get on so I can use all my votes to keep you!

  5. Ooh snap! I'm gonna have to bust one of these out now?! Thanks for the blog love woman!! =) And I love your passion for Big Brother...truly =)


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