Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Shop March

So for March...I made this pact with my self to not buy any clothes, make up, shows, etc. I wanted to save some cash and pay some bills off. 

Well..I broke down yesterday. This month was going great. I would window shop online. I made A TON of wish list and had not bought anything. Kiki La Rue was tempting me and so was Maurices. March is my birthday month and I got a ton of coupons in the mail that I have let expire. I have some good will power. BUT...yesterday I broke. Maurices had 50% off clearance items and I caved. I spent too much on clothes and now I will be getting a package in the mail with A TON of shirts and pants. It was like denying a child candy. I went nuts. 

I am not all that ashamed with my self because..well..I almost made it to the end of March so that makes me happy!

Also..I came home last night and my new couch and love seat were there! FINALLY!


It only took about 4 weeks! I had to actually call the store..and maybe pull out my bitch card but hey it worked! Sometimes you just gotta do that. 

At least today is Thursday. This weekend I shall celebrate Easter with my family. They shall come to my house, sit on my new furniture and I dare them to eat, drink or even breath on it!


  1. Congrats! I need to do this no spend month thing! Especially since once school ends in May, I will no long have a job or paycheck! Ha!

  2. Hahaha, you're funy! I'm glad you finally got your new furniture!! I know I would never dare to breathe on, or even look at yor new shiz :) LOL


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