Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How things are going so far!

This has been a crazy week so far! Luckily for me today is my Thursday as I have off Friday. It is Spring Break Day for work..woot. Perks of working for a college! 

Lately you may have seen on my twitter feed my vague post about my hubs stomach stuff. He has been dealing with some problems and has been to the er twice, our PCP numerous times and now has had a cat scan with no results. We our getting tired of this since we are getting no answers as to what is going on. We found out last night though finally..he may have a gluten allergy so hopefully this is what is wrong and we can fix it! 

Also...there is no Pope yet. I am not catholic so this does not effect me. I did hear there is a cam online you can watch are people really sitting around staring at a chimney stack? Just Wondering!

I also found the best t-shirt web site EVER! They sell custom t-shirts and you can design your own. Best part...check this one out.

They had a ton but I had to throw these out there!

Today my puppy decided to wake up with a gift. I heard some water running and it happened to be her taking a little tinkle in her crate. What else did she leave her mommy? A big ole pile of poop! Wasn't that thoughtful of her?


  1. Yikes...the things we deal with for the animals we love!

  2. I won a shirt from Skreened from Jess on her blog giveaway and I absolutely love it - sooo soft!!

  3. Oh gosh. Gotta love potty training a pup and them shirts are great! Also, I love you for posting a Molly gif.

  4. I love those blog t-shirts! I need to get me one. ;-)


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