Friday, March 1, 2013

Happies and Crappies

This morning...woke blog topic. THANK GOD for link ups! They save me all the time. I am not a blogger who can schedule post ahead of time or have a pile of topics stock piled, ready to go!
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

For the happies...
1. UVA beat Duke last night!!

2. It is Friday. Thank goodness...whew!
3. It is almost a week until the celebration of the happiest day of my parents' life. MY BIRTH! Thank you..thank you!
4. Even though no one has ordered anything from my Etsy shop..I am happy just making the stuff. I am glad to have a hobby that I love. Also...I am giving 10% off orders..e-mail me for code!!! :)
5. Scion tweeted me back and read my blog post. They may not be giving me a free car but hey it is a start!
And now the crappies!
1. I am extremely exhausted. The husband is still super sick from this stomach stuff so I am not getting much sleep.
2. It is so cold out. It is now March 1. There is no need for coldness any longer. Bring on the warmth. I am ready to complain about it being hot out!
3. My migraine medicine has not worn off yet so I am still out of it and had to pull this post out of my ass!
I am looking forward to the weekend though. Sleeping in tomorrow will be so amazing! I am going to get my crafting ass on and make a ton of stuff for the Etsy some stuff yall!!!
I am also still looking for a sponsor for a blogger conference....hint hint! E-mail if you would like to know more!!!
Have a great and wonderful Friday!!!


  1. Yay to your Birthday Month being here!!!!

  2. I am SO over the cold and ready for a springy March!

  3. YES WITH THE COLDNESS! Get it together, March!

  4. Yay for FRIDAY! I never have blog topics thought of/planned out ahead of time! Happy Birthday month...whoo hoo!!

  5. Friday is an easy blog day for me haha I have Friday Letters and the newlywed link up so it's like a "skip" day. So ready for Spring, cold go away!

  6. If I were playing Helene's blogger drinking game, I might be a little tipsy after this post...but since I'm at work, I'm not drinking really drinking right now ;) ...your last gif thing makes me miss Miley Cyrus's hair...LOL


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