Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bloggy Conference 2013

So lets bet real...I want to go to a blog conference this year. Which one? Bloggy Conference 2013! It is in Ohio at Cedar Point! Wanna know something else....Building Blog Bridges is giving away a ticket and hotel stay! SAY WHAT??
 I have been there before with band in high school(band dork I know) but this looks like a complete blast! Let's start with the reasons why I want to go!.
1. Networking...networking...networking!  
I could meet so many amazing sponsors and other bloggers. Blog conferences are such a great way to make those connections with sponsors. You can gain new sponsors for your blog, find new products you have never heard of, OR meet some amazing bloggers you have yet to find or meeting. Let's be real..there are some amazing bloggers out there that we have yet to stumble upon. This is a huge blog world. We could make some great connections there.
2. I can meet some of the bloggers I follow already!
I can put a face and voice to the blogs I follow and chat with! I can hang out with them and get to know them on another level then just chatting on line and over the blogs.
3. The inspiration and encouragement!! 
 You get some much advice from the speakers at these events. They can really help you with your blog but they can also motivate you and inspire you with your blog, your blog goals and dreams. If you feel like your blog is not going anywhere or you want to re-do it or go with another direction, this is one more reason to go! I know my blog is going where I want it to but this is always good to have and never hurts to hear some good words of advice and to hear it from a speaker who has been in your shoes before! It can also help me build more belief in my blog and in what I am doing.
4. I can get the word out about my blog.
I can let people know who I am and what my little blog is all about. I can explain why I blog, what got me started and why I love it so much.
5. They look like so much fun!!!!
In all the pictures and post from other blog conferences that I have seen, everyone looks as if they are having so much fun. Who would not want to go?
So to sum it all up, I really really really really really want to go to this blog conference. I want to be able to connect with other bloggers about my blog. I want to get my blog out there and also be able to learn about  other bloggers and how they run their blog and their site. I want to learn more about blogging and how to get the most out of my blog as I can. It is a great networking venue and it looks like a complete blast.
Please pick me :)
This post is an entry into the Building Blog Bridges giveaway I have entered for a chance to win one Bloggy Conference 2013 ticket.


  1. I want to go, too!!! Ohio's not so far away... maybe I could swing it.... :)

  2. Ooo sounds fun! Whenever I have bloggy questions...I just email you :) LOLOL

  3. soooo cool! I want to go to a bloggy conference too, hope you get to go!

  4. That's awesome! I want to go to a blog conference!


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