Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Heyo! This weekend was so so yall! I was sick and fighting a beastly cold which I am still trying to get over!
I did paint my nails over which by now they have already chipped. If anyone knows the solution to this, please hook up a sista up!

I also went to Maurices with the mother and got some super cute tops and spent way too much money. I am all about saving money and this store is right up my alley and does not cost alot. Kohls used to be my store but not anymore!!


As you can tell..I stopped with the selfies and if I want you to see what I bought..I had to snag their pictures!
I did spend a good deal cleaning my house yesterday before the super bowl. What fun that was! Anyone who has to clean their house knows this is dreaded. I put it off until I have to do it. I love my house being clean but vacuuming, cleaning toilets and what not...not a fun day for me and being sick! NOT FUN
We did watch some of the super bowl last night. I was not all that impressed with the commercials but the Sandy Hook kids had some tears in my eyes and Beyonce was shaking her va-jiggle jaggle. Anyone that wants to say she was not jealous that can not move like that! I mean come on, that was a epic performance..Madonna..please have a seat and take notes!
After watching this performance I now need to take dance lessons as well.....who thinks the Beyonce workout DVD will be out soon??
I do have to say I have no idea if Mob Wives were on last night or not and I believe I may have missed a episode or two of my favorite trash buckets!
I hope everyone has a good week!


  1. I feel like such a bad person because everyone is like, "OMG Beyonce was amaze balls at the superbowl!" and I'm like, "she really didn't even sing! What do you mean?" I get that she danced all around and shook her va jiggle jaggle (your word, not mine =) ) but isn't she a singer?? I dunno, maybe that's just me being cynical but whatevs. I was totally diggin' Destiny's Child though! ...and then they left after like, 20 seconds. ..I think Mondays make me cranky.


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