Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Are you linked up today with Sami?? You better be. If not....I will not be sharing any of my Starbucks that I am sipping on or the jolly ranchers that I am having for breakfast. I kicked some kids off the playground last week! It is getting deep in here!
This weekend was boring, happy and all kinds of other fun things wrapped up in one.  Friday night..nothing fun really happened. I just went home and lounged around.I did come home to a nice package though from Rebekah at All That Glitters. She has a game on twitter that you can play along with and try to win...but you gotta follow along on go follow her!
  BUT SATURDAY..THE MOOCHER MOVED OUT OF MY HOUSE. I did have to motivate his ass to get out my house. You never realize how happy and how much you love having your house to yourself with your husband until someone has lived with you for 9 months. I am so happy for it to be us and the furbabies!
I did proceed to paint my nails with amazing nail polish Rebekah sent me. I am so happy with the ULTA nail polish. I am super cheap and I have never been in ULTA before so I was and still am shocked that my nails look like they were still painted that day. Normally they would be cracked and looking bad..nope they look fresh!
Saturday night though was bummer. The husband was sick all day and could not even keep water down so we took his butt to Martha Jefferson and got some fluids in him and he is all better. The hospital though..whoa. It is brand new and super nice. I felt like I was in the Hilton or something. If I ever have a little me, I want to go there.

He will hate me for putting this on here..but shhh!! Do not tell him! I am glad he is better though. It is scary to see someone you love sick like that.
I went to Maurices yesterday..spent some monies and got this cute top!

And that was my was everyone elses weekend?


  1. awww hope your hubby is feeling better - being sick on the weekend is NO good! Love that nail polish!

  2. pretty nails!! but that sucks that he was sick : (

  3. Jolly Ranchers HAS to be the ultimate breakfast of champions! Hah! Hope your hubby gets better!

  4. Glad he's doing better! And CONGRATS on having the house to yourselves again! I bet it's amazing :).

    Super cute top! I'm planning a Maurice's shopping spree very soon and am super excited!!

  5. Glad he's feeling better - your nails look great!

    Happy Monday!

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