Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truths and Lies!

So...want to know what is a true and a lie?? 

1. True. I did have my belly button ring ripped out after a few months...yep..that sucker hurt and I have a horrible scar!

2. True. I did dissect a cat in high school for Adv. Biology BUT BEFORE everyone freaks out because I saw some comments that no one thought this could be real, alot of people did. They are donated from the Humane Society only AFTER they are humanely euthanized due to either mortal illness or injury. I had to do this for the class.I did not do this for fun. It was part of my final exam. DO NOT HATE ME. The cat in the picture is just a random cat...not the one I had. 

3. False. I did not do a keg stand at my wedding due to my mother in law would have killed me.

Please do not hate me for the cat thing...


  1. Guess I am more redneck than we both thought?! LOL

  2. I dissected a cat in high school many years ago...and is it bad that I have pictures of the actual cat?? Hmm...

    *note* It was also donated after being humanely euthanized due to illness/injury.

  3. AH I can't imagine having to do that! (Not judging - just thinking). That's crazy! What was it like? Were you freaking out when you had to do it or sort of... intrigued? I guess that's kind of a weird question haha.

  4. I had to dissect a pig heart along with a few other strange things. Actually, let me rephrase that. My teacher attempt to get me to dissect the pig heart. I couldn't tolerate the smell of it and refused to do it. My teacher would have had a time with me he told me we were dissecting a cat!

  5. well I never knew about this kind of "science" project!

  6. Crazy science assignment! Fun link-up though.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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