Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tell me about it Tuesday

Well yall my bloggy crush Helene has decided to end this lovely run of Tell me About it Tuesday.
Your upset too right??? I know..I cried for hours when I read it and then had to pick my self up off the floor to even write this post! But life goes on and we must deal with it!
Today is lovely Tuesday as above mentioned and on the Radio, I listen to Elvis Duran..I do not know if any of yall do, but they were talking about taking a no swearing/curse pledge. Now...I know what you are thinking..can we really do this? ME...no..probably not. I swear worse than a sailor normally and more than a dirty ole man! But here is the pledge. How many of you think you can do it?

They said if you break it, you just start over. I think that in my house we would make a bet or something but I know me and the hubs would not win so there is no point! Are you going to do this pact??
Well this is my last link up with the one and only Helene!!!
Helene in Between


  1. oh girl i heart you so much. and i promise to start (hopefully) a new link up! and i like this no curse pledge. I probably should work on that!

  2. Haha! I stopped over from Helene's link up and that gif had me hooked ;) Is there anything better than The New Girl?! Not really!

  3. That no curse words pledge is hysterical! My husband wouldn't last an hour!! Hah!


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